What people say

What people say

When you work with the People Development Company, you get a trusted partner that’s as passionate about your business as you are. Take a look at our case studies below to see how we’ve helped and supported other clients.


Katie approached me to support her in her personal development including impact and influence, communication skills and confidence. Katie has lots of incredible experience in her field of work and her passion to make a positive difference to people’s lives is inspiring. I provided 4X one hour 121 coaching sessions over eight weeks. What made working with Katie really special was that she had decided that in order to help others she needed to continue to develop herself and she had the courage to challenge herself. Our favourite quote throughout has been Feel the fear and do it anyway! – Susan Jeffers. Katie certainly did and the results were amazing!

“Starting a new job is a challenge at any time but doing it in lockdown was really tough. I was venturing back into a sector I’d been away from for a few years and the challenge of remote working, especially when building relationships, was affecting my wellbeing. I was full of anxiety, lacked confidence and could not see the strengths of my experience and knowledge. Making the decision to get help and see Ellen was the first step – I’m so glad I did. Ellen has helped uncover the real me, my authentic self, and understand the negative beliefs that I was carrying. I now value my experience and knowledge and see it as a strength to help others – and I’m doing it my way and not feeling pressured to conform. I can definitely see my resilience levels rise and that builds my confidence. The resources and support Ellen offers are not just a one off – it’s something that you take with you and constantly use.”


Easy Pay

✓Leadership development ✓Other organisational support

Amanda, Managing Director of Easypay Services runs a very fast paced, successful back office service for recruitment companies. Along with Sarah, Finance Director, Amanda wanted to introduce a layer of senior managers to allow them to step back and work both strategically and on other projects. Over 12 months, we worked closely with three managers including classroom training, one-to-one development, on the job coaching and maintaining support in between visits via email. Together we created a Senior Leadership team and then challenged ourselves to raise the capability of each and every person within their teams. This created career development opportunities, stronger engagement throughout the business and strengthened cross function working. The team had some fantastic results and were particularly proud of the engagement survey, which went from 45% to 80% for the question “I feel able to speak up to my manager”.

Their hard work and dedication to develop their own leadership skills over the 12 months has reflected in the willingness of their teams to step up where the business requires, come together to achieve targets and contribute ideas to support the continual success of the business. I absolutely loved being part of their journey!

“The team have hugely benefitted from you and will continue to do so. It’s not just about what you do but also your genuine personality, passion and desire to have the best outcome possible that makes your training so great!”
Amanda Hobson, Managing Director

Happy Days

✓Leadership Development  ✓Other organisational support

David Fawcett, CEO and founder of Happy Days has significantly grown the charity in the last year and is providing more safe and secure accommodation for vulnerable and homeless men than ever. The exponential growth has meant a new structure and job opportunities within the charity. Naturally this growth has also provided an opportunity for improving communication, creating stronger relationships and confidence building, all skills that are essential to continued organisational growth. Dave asked us to work with the team with a mix of group workshops and one-to-ones. The charity is going from strength to strength and we are now onto our next phase of work. I personally have loved being part of such meaningful work. Happy Days is continuing to grow at speed. Watch this space!

“We engaged with Ellen to tackle a number of communication issues that were taking root within the organisation. Our issues consisted of three main factors; poor communication, lack of confidence in decision-making and a few poor relationships within the charity that were slowing down growth. Ellen arranged a couple of one-to-ones with the team members and then a workshop with the team. The workshop began by listening to the team’s opinions and then she helped create better ways of working and better communication routes, helping to heal a few broken relationships. The team are now developing nicely, with much more of a sense of unity and understanding. We have already commissioned our next piece of work with her, she is excellent and very effective in providing solutions for our growing charity.”

Dave Fawcett, CEO and Founder

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